If you want to start a business which does not include distributing products or creating a product/service than you should turn to affiliate marketing. The beauty of this type of business is that all you have to do is generate traffic and transform that traffic into sales, as an affiliate that is all you have to do. There are some thing you have avoid in this job, for instance always take one task at a time when you are doing an advertising campaign because at one point you are going to become overwhelmed and even confused. The first step in your job should be generating traffic after which you can move on building your strategy.

To generate traffic on your site you have to figure out what products are wanted by your costumers, what makes them enter your site and subscribe to your newsletter. If you are having difficulties in finding out what they want and need then you can put up a survey on your website and ask them. Once you have solved this problem you can offer them what they want in term of products and services.

As an affiliate marketer is not enough to put a banner on your website and wait for the traffic to come, you have to make a description of your products. When you are writing these descriptions you should make them as appealing as possible because you want to catch the eye of the costumer. The words which should describe these little text is informative and funny. Do this and the costumers will come back.

After you have finished writing the descriptions you should insert links on your page which lead to the page where they can buy them from, a link to the advertiser’s purchase page.

When you are creating an advertising campaign one option should not be left out: video advertising. According to a research conducted in 2009 by the Online Publisher Association video advertising has become one of the most effective form of advertising online. They have observed that advertising on content sites has had a great impact on sales.

Attract people to buy from your website by offering the bonuses, such as: cupons, small products or even e-books. Before you do this go on the advertiser’s website and check if the have any special offers or discounts. If they have them you can add them to your website.

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