If you are thinking of starting a painting business you will soon realize that this job means more that just picking a brush and applying the paint to the wall. No matter what your future clients may prefer in term of decorating their wall painting is a job which will never disappear. It is really hard to imagine this job not being needed because everyone, at some point, want to paint or repaint their houses. If you have decoded to start a painting business you should know that you need more than a painting skill, you also have to be able to sell your service and attract more clients.

The first thing that you should do is write a business plan because this will serve as a guideline for many years to come. This plan is usually done for ten years and it can be of whatever length you want, it can be of 30 pages or of only two pages. If you do not know where to start we suggest that you do this step through a program which you can download from the internet. You will find that you need money to start this business.

After you have finished your business plan you can start getting you business legal. You have to be very careful to the legislation in your country/state because some may require you to get a license. You have a lot of alternatives when deciding what type of company you want your business to be, you can choose from sole proprietorship to incorporation. Work on business model together with your team, clients or anyone else.

One important thing that you should not forget is insurance. In this business you never know what can happen. Even if you are the most attentive person you can still have an accident, such as braking a window or getting paint on a valuable sofa. If you want to hire painters in your company you should get them a workers compensation insurance.

Another thing that you should not leave out is advertising. You may think that at the moment this does not represent a priority to you when in fact it should. If you are just relying or word of mouth you will have a problem finding clients because this type of advertising goes for businesses who have been on the market for many years. You have to get your company known if you want it to be a success.

Do you job as best as you can do because you are just at the beginning and you want your clients to have a certain image about you.

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