How to Run a Web Design Business

October - 13 - 2011

Going into business as a web designer can be very profitable because you can design websites for both companies and people. For this business you are going to need some programming skills and the capability of combining web designs. Since you will be starting this business on your own that means that you are also going to be the boss which means that you have to take care of the business side to and not just the creative part.

The first thing you should do is create a website on which you are going to advertise your business and upload your work. By putting your portfolio on the website your potential clients will be able to observe your talents and capabilities. You should make your website and good as you can because the design and functionality of your website will also influence potential clients. On the site you can create a rank of your programming skills  because this way your clients can make an idea about what you can do. Knowing business strategies is important too, and if you add employees it may be beneficial to take human resource classes to teach you how to manage them.

A very important thing is to upload on the site your prices. By doing this your potential clients will know what to expect. You can set your prices per site or per number of hours which takes to make the website. If you are not so experienced in this whole website thing you should give lower prices that they normally should be and increase them as your portfolio grows.

Every business need to advertise its services in order to attract clients. You can do this by placing adds on the internet on pages where people are looking for web designers or by creating your website in such a way that it will be very easy for people to stumble upon it. You can also send email to different companies presenting your offer.

Writing a contract for your services is very important. When a person hires you, you have to be able to tell him how you will be payed and through which method. You have to specify in the contract that the pay should be done within 30 days after the work has been done. This way you will avoid the unpleasant situations when a client refuses to pay you after you have finished the job.

This is what you have to do in order to start your own business in web desing. It may seem hard at first but with time you will get the handle of things.

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