More and more companies are realizing the importance of training good leaders. No amount of technical or communication skills can make up for bad leadership skills. Industry experts say that a good leader can turn even the weakest project into a success, whereas a poor leader can fail even with the best thought plan. Due to these realities, more and more companies are investing into their leadership development programs. However, in order for such a project to be a success, it is essential to efficiently track and manage the corporate coaching programs. This is where the Executive Coaching Software comes in handy, an invaluable tool for all talent management leaders. In the following lines, we will talk about how this tool can improve a leadership development program.

Centralized data for clear program overview

The main advantage of the Enterprise Coaching Manager is that it allows talent management leaders to keep all their essential data in a single place. The program is very easy to use. Upon login, the user is taken to the Pulse homepage, which is the nerve center of a company’s coaching activity. From this page, the user can track all the active engagements and examine the progress or the results of different coaching programs.

Efficient communication between administrators, coaches and trainees

To facilitate the communication between all the people that take part in a Leadership Development Program, the Executive Coaching Software has some very intuitive features. It has the people manager, where you can create accounts for the trainees, the coaches and the administrators. The people manager can also be used by the administrators to see the profiles of all the coaches and the trainees. To efficiently communicate with all program members, the administrator can use the Communication feature. This allows them to easily share content with any person involved in the program. They can share coaching data with the trainees, and administrative data with the coaches and other administrators.

Accurate data for measuring program results

Without properly measuring and processing key performance indicators, you can never know if a leadership development program was successful or not. This is why the Enterprise Coaching tool has a Data center, where it can process user analytics and assert a program’s business impact. The program takes into account the most valuable key performance indicators such as quality, staff morale, inovation, cost reductions, reduced turnover, bottom line profitability and top line revenue.


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