The sales script is an agent’s bible, as well as their most powerful weapon. Simply put, the script is a guide that dictates how the sales process evolves and whether or not it will end with a conversion. Obviously scripts are different in each industry, and they are particularly important in real estate where people have to make decisions regarding their most valuable assets, their homes. So, if you work as an agent or a realtor, and you want to make more money, you should start by evaluating and improving your real estate scripts. Keep on reading to learn some tricks that will help you increase your conversion rates.

1. Keep a client log

Self evaluation is the best tool for professional development. But you can’t really asses any situation without some hard facts. So, we advise you to keep a client log where you write down all the important details of a meeting. Consider how the conversation evolves, whether or not you stick to your scripts, which parts of the scripts grab the client’s attention and which parts leave them indifferent or make them have second thoughts. This log will help you determine whether or not your scripts are flexible enough to be adapted to real conversation, but they will also teach you which parts of the script work and which need improvement. You can also test different approaches and see what effect they have on your clients.

2. Enroll in a real estate coaching program

If you don’t really know how to evaluate or improve your scripts, you could always enroll in a real estate coaching program. These types of programs can teach you a lot of tricks to improve your conversions. You will learn from the industry’s best agents and realtors, and you will benefit from training that is specifically adapted to your individual needs. During the training classes, you will learn how to improve your scripts, but also how to better manage your time, how to improve your sales confidence, how to generate more leads and much more.

3. Always put the focus on the client’s needs

The best scripts are not the ones that highlight a company’s benefits or an agent’s skills, but the ones that focus on the client’s needs. For example, don’t force someone into buying a property by listing the property’s numerous advantages and wonderful features. Instead, listen to your clients, ask questions about their property needs show them how a given property matches their individual needs. Highlight the fact that you listened to them, you prioritized their needs and you delivered something that matched their expectations. Moreover, when you are trying to convince someone to work with you to sell a property, don’t boost about your numerous achievements. Instead, ask the potential clients what they are looking for in an agent, and what you can do to make the sales process easier for them. People are always pleased to talk about themselves, their desires and their needs, so putting the focus on the client is a sure-fire way to improve your scripts and increase your conversion rates.

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