Between other simple ways of making money with the help of the Internet we count also the Paypal Affiliate Program. This is a secure and legal system provided by Paypal which brings money to you in a simple way.

Launched in 1998 and bought in 2002 by eBay, Paypal it’s the best known online payment processor and works exactly as a bank account but is easier to use, it takes only a few minutes to open an account and it’s free!

With Paypal you can send and receive money from 190 countries in the world, pay the products you buy on the internet (it’s accepted by almost all the big e-shops and internet services) and it has the big advantage that keeps secret your financial information and protects you from all the unauthorized payments. It’s absolutely necessary to have a Paypal account if you want to make money with the help of the internet because most of the money won on the internet needs Paypal for withdrawing.

Also, you can make money in a simple way with the Paypal Affiliate Program because Paypal rewards you for every new user you refer and who makes a Business or Premier account. Thus, you’ll receive in the next 12 month 0,5% of all the payments received by the new members (except for the eBay payments). There is a limit of 1000$ you can win and you receive the bonus once in a month, when a person you referred receive 200$ payments.

In your menu account you’ll find a personalized link you can send for adding new members. Each time a new member makes a Business or Premium account you’re announced by email that you will received your bonus. You can send the referral link to your friends by email (with some additional information about Paypal and his assets if you want) you can put a Paypal banner on your blog, websites or e-business or you can even write something about Paypal and his benefits on your blog or site.


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