Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

September - 17 - 2013

Law firms, indifferent of their profiles, will always have customers; luckily for them, the law is something we all have to face and deal with at one point in our lives, but that doesn’t mean everything should be left to chance, and a company has the right to pursue its customers. There is a great competition between law firms of all kinds, and with the recession affecting us all, many have tried to find new markets and to attract some of the customers they lost. But what marketing strategies can a law firm employ in order to become better known and to get people to trust and hire them?

The internet of course, is the most obvious solution, and it is where most things happen nowadays. If you’re not visible there, then for a large part of the population you don’t even exist; thus, any firm could benefit from having an online presence, both on networking sites, but their own official website as well. Since you represent such a serious field, your website has to reflect that, so your marketing strategy will first be to hire a web designer and have them build you a sophisticated, yet simple and user-friendly interface. On this website, you have to provide clear information, so that even the simplest of people can understand what you are about; otherwise, they will just move on in search for places where things seem easier to understand.

If you are a firm dealing with medical negligence compensation claims for example, you need to list your specialties, and explain in a simplistic manner in what circumstances can people claim for medical negligence and how they can determine whether this is the case for them or not. Next, you need to explain how claiming for medical negligence compensation can only be made with the legal help of a solicitor. Remember that the content on your web page is very important not only for the prospective customers, but in order to get good visibility on search engines as well.

Try to get connected with other similar websites, or with law communities online, so you can get customers from all directions. Being recommended by a well-established blogger, or by an online magazine can have a great positive effect on the online community, who will feel much more inclined to trust your services. As you can see, there are several marketing strategies you can employ, especially online, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to build up a reputation and gain people’s trust.

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