Whether you are a small business owner or the general manager of an established company, outsourcing your marketing activities is an endeavor which will only bring benefits for your business. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to outsourced marketing and today we will break down each and every one of those misconceptions and show you the main benefits of hiring a marketing agency.

It’s a wise investment

Most people think that agencies are expensive, and this is probably the most common misconception. There are three main reasons, why marketing agencies are anything but expensive. First of all, when working with an agency, you always determine from the start how much you want to spend. Secondly, you get a clear understanding of your return on investment. Agencies measure the results of their marketing efforts and capitalize the most successful marketing strategies. Last but not least, if you think than an in-house marketing expert is a cheaper solution, you couldn’t be more wrong. That employee will cost you a lot in salary, taxes, office equipment and much more. For the same money, you can benefit from the expertise of a whole team of professionals.

You get a mix of marketing strategies

A common problem with in-house marketing, is that you get stuck with the same tools and strategies. You are probably focusing on digital marketing, as it is easier to measure and it is quite cheap, but what about other strategies like branding or product development. Do you think you can’t afford a branding expert or a product developer? Well, you don’t have to hire them. You just have to hire a good agency that has experts in different marketing fields. For example, Maarca is a well know marketing agency that offers a complete set of services, from marketing and promotion to branding and product development. Moreover, if you take a look at Maarca’s portfolio, you will notice that they work with different sized companies in different industries, so they know how to adapt their strategies to the needs of different companies.

You get expert market insights

Obviously, nobody will ever believe in your company more than you do. However, an outside perspective will only be good for your business. For starters, agencies have worked with countless businesses and they are very good at understanding a company’s needs. Furthermore, while your focus is on your company, agencies will look at your business from a client’s perspective, and they will also analyze the market and the competition. 

You will save time

Marketing is all about changing things up and trying new strategies. For an in-house marketing team, this can mean wasting a lot of time and money on experimenting with different tactics. On the other hand, agencies have the manpower to put together processing procedures for new marketing tactics and their marketing automation tools help them see the results of their efforts clearer and faster. 


Aside from the main benefits presented above, the good thing about outsourced marketing is that it is very flexible. You can outsource all your marketing efforts or outsource only part of them. You decide the budget and you can always go back to in-house marketing.

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