One of the most important factors when recruiting someone in your company is they ability to succeed and their capability to stick around. The most strategic department in your company is human resources, the one who is in charge of hiring people which best fit the requirements. In some jobs there are some technique requirements but for most jobs the factors are: cultural fit, the level of interest which applies to all jobs and the ability match.

  • Recruiting in general: When a company decides to hire someone they generally look for people who are going to produce the best results in the position in which they are hired. For this the recruiter has to do some research in order to figure out what kind of person they are looking for. This step is very important because replacing a person which you just hired can be expensive. A good employee is like : it stands for long history, stability and preservation of all good things. It is a precious element for a company that wants to grow in a balanced and constant way.The best recruiters find their new employees through people who already have a job in the same domain of activity.
  • Abilities needed: Finding the right person who matches the abilities you require is not an easy task no matter the position of the job. It is very important that the employee knows what he has to do because if he does not know how to do a certain thing this will leas to his lack of interest on the job and thus to the disappointment of the boss. It is very important that you write what abilities you require in the job description if you want to find the right person. Even if he/she is a great person with similar interests you can’t hire them as mechanical engineers if their abilities are in wedding planning, or some other unrelated realm.
  • Cultural fit: Every company or organization has a personal culture which means that they have a set of values which represent them and that they have a certain way of doing things. The recruiter has to be open when it comes to talking about this values otherwise the recruiting process will take a long time.
  • A match in interests: It is very important for the recruiter to make the job and the company appealing to the potential employee. The recruiter has to convince and not manipulate, manipulation can only lead to an unsatisfied worker. If you have unsatisfied workers they will influence others through their behavior and you do not want that. The key is to as as if you were selling the job, and like is selling you have to convince the person that what you have to sell is the best.


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